About Me

  Hey, ya'll. Thank you for stopping by. My name is Cassandra, and I’m the creator of Cassie's Creekside Boutique. 🌵 Cassie's Creekside brings hand-picked, feminine clothing to busy women who want to look great without breaking the budget. Need to get new life into your closet? Select classic and trending garments that can be added, mixed, matched, contrasted, and paired for an affordable new look – without driving to town and trying them on in a “dressing room.” Whether you're the Mom on the go, Boss Babe, Office Professional, or working from home, you will feel better knowing you look your best. 🌵 Cassie's Creekside features a chic, feminine western style mixed with relaxed, casual wear and just the right accessories. You can dress up this wardrobe with a change of jewelry and footwear or add a jacket or scarf. And as I always say... Boots go with EVERYTHING!  I want to use my passion for personalized, flexible design to empower women in clothing that fits all the right places. Let me help you complement and complete your style. A style that fits and flatters keeps you confident and always on-point, day after day! I believe you will love the styles we bring you, and they will keep you feeling fit and true.

🤘 Texas-born, Texas-raised, I married an incredibly hard-working man who is supportive in everything I do. I’m a mom to the kindest, funniest, most amazing little boy and a fur mom to our three rescue dogs. We are blessed to live on a couple of acres in the Hill Country not far from the heart of Texas. Outside is our “escape,” with the endless trees, the sun peeking in between, wildflowers, and a creek through our little domain. We spend most of our time Creekside. We enjoy fishing, clamoring around in the rocks and ferns, game nights with friends, and getting dressed up for dinners, rodeos, local live music, and some traveling.  My favorite color is turquoise. It goes with everything and flatters everyone’s complexion! I'm hoping to leave each of you feeling like, "Man! I feel like a woman. . . Say it again!"  Xo, Cassie 💋